Through the Bible in a year


Each year comes with a chance to make a change in your life: perhaps limit your social media, begin an exercise program, or maybe learn a new skill... or even, taking steps and moving forward in your spiritual journey.

Yet taking that first step can involve uncertainty. What if it's the wrong path for me? What if there's something better to do with my time? What if I just don't have time for this?

If you're ready for a renewed focus, this year, on Jesus and his purpose for your life, join us.

We're committed to reading Through the Bible in One Year and helping each other along the way. And we would love to have you join us.

Our popular January edition of our study books have sold out. It is also available as a digital copy.

But you can still pre-order February edition. We will post February edition to you so that you don't miss a day of our Through the Bible in a Year content. 

We'll hear messages from Ps Chris that reflect the content we're reading and studying throughout the week. And, we can tune in to his podcast where he'll be reading daily Bible passages with us.

And.. there are weekly Scripture verses to memorise and commit to heart so that God's Word is instilled in our hearts and minds.

So… be sure to take the first step today- grab your digital January study book.


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We have completely sold out of January's Study books, although a digital edition is available. 

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